The Best Las Vegas Themed Outfit Ideas For Any Party

Las Vegas Outfit Ideas

Any casino-themed party is not complete without the appropriate outfits, and while there are tons of different ideas for casino parties of every shape and size, it’s always good to back to the roots of what made casinos what they are today: Las Vegas. The city of Las Vegas changed the face of both North America and the world, introducing us to all the entertainment and fun that casinos had to offer, and for those that want to throw the ultimate casino-based party, then Las Vegas is the perfect theme.

Most of the outfits that are based on Las Vegas are not difficult to pull off, and can be done on a relatively small budget without losing any of the spirit of the casinos. Any Las Vegas idea can bring together any party nicely, especially if it has the right food and the right costumes. So the next time you’re bored of playing your favourite no deposit bonus casino games, rather invite some friends over to enjoy your own little slice of Las Vegas with these costume ideas.

Las Vegas Outfit Ideas – Famous Acts

  • Elvis Presley: A legend in the music and film world, the King of Rock took the world by storm in the 1950s, and created an entirely new genre of music that was unheard of up to that point. Not only was the music incredible, but also the look and style of Elvis became a legend of its own, and it’s still one of the most popular Las Vegas party themes around.
  • Frank Sinatra: On the other end of the spectrum we have Frank Sinatra, who is often associated with classy dinners, fantastic music, and glamorous suits.
  • Phantom of The Opera: Similar in some ways to the previous idea, this one entails more mystery. Guests can dress up using masks, allowing for some interesting party games, and even a little role-play.
  • Cirque de Soleil: A famous circus troop that tours the world and attracts millions of fans, this theme is truly unique, and makes for a more colourful event, allowing guests to dress up in something a little more strange, and giving you the chance to enjoy some more interesting games during the evening.

Las Vegas Outfit Ideas – History Costumes

  • The Wild West: An incredibly famous and romanticised time in American history, this theme was extremely popular in Las Vegas for many years, and even to this day. Generally quite easy to put together, and fun for just about everyone, the Wild West theme is a favourite for many.
  • 1930s Gangsters: During the 1930s, gangsters were everywhere. While they were violent at their peek, they quickly disappeared toward the end of the 30s, and have since become popular figures in modern culture. Their famous suits and unparalleled style has kept them popular in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the wide range of acts and types of casinos in Las Vegas, the ideas for themes are almost endless. But the ideas mentioned here can help those looking for something quick and cheap to entertain their friends at their next casino-themed party.

Guide to Casino Dress Code

Comfortable but Neat: Dressing to Gamble

We’ve often discussed what to wear to a really fancy themed casino party, but what do you wear when you’re just heading to the casino to play your favourite slots or table games? The truth is, most modern casinos are casual places and as long you’re just on the general casino floor, there really isn’t a dress code. However, if you’re entering the VIP section of the casino or an area with a dress code, you will be required to dress a bit more glitzy. There are three basic rules for dressing for gambling and you’ll never be dress inappropriately if you follow them closely.

  1. Dress Comfortably

The vast majority of casinos around the world require nothing more than casual dress, so most gamblers find it preferable to dress for comfort. This however doesn’t mean that you should dress like you’re hanging out on your couch in your holey t-shirt – you should still be neat! If you need to have strategy guides, notepads, and pencils make sure to wear something with ample pockets or take a small bag.

You should avoid the following: overly revealing clothing, offensive images or slogans, or any clothing that can be used to conceal your appearance – you don’t want to arouse suspicion!

  1. Dress Casually If Allowed

The reality is, as long as you’ve brought money along to gamble with, most casinos don’t care what you’re wearing. However, there is one exception: special sections of the casino which require a certain style of dress. There’s nothing worse than being rejected at the door outright, so check the dress code before visiting to avoid the inevitable embarrassment. Dress codes, rules and regulations are often why people opt for NZ casinos online instead, but some gamblers enjoy the buzz of the brick and mortar casino!

I generally advise people against wearing flip-flops, sandals, or any open shoes to the casino, but not every casino rejects people for their footwear. Make your life easier by just slipping on a pair of neat and clean sneakers, and if you don’t want to wear socks opt for loafers or boat shoes.

  1. Take It Up a Notch After 6PM

As soon as the sun starts to go down, you’ll notice that the nicer clothes start making an appearance on the casino floor. Obviously I’m not suggesting that you should take a spare set of clothes with you, but if you’re planning on being on the casino the whole day, rather start off in an outfit that can work for sundown as well. Swap your t-shirt for a button down shirt, or opt for a neat pair of trousers as opposed to jeans. If you’re heading to one of the restaurants or bars, dressing up your casual outfit will be required. Adding nicer shoes or accessories, or simply changing your shirt and giving your face a splash of cold water or reapplying your make up will make all the difference.

Must-Pack Items for Gamblers

For men:

  • A neat pair of khaki pants or trousers
  • A nice pair of blue jeans
  • A pair of loafers
  • Socks – athletic and dress
  • A conservative button-down shirt


For women:

  • A conservative cocktail dress
  • A sweater or wrap to pair with your dress
  • A pair of flats
  • A neat pair of blue jeans
  • A blouse that can be worn in the day or at night

Whatever your casino game plan is, remember to be neat and presentable and always respectful of those around you – patrons and staff alike!

What (Not) to Wear to a Casino Party

For many, deciding on what to wear to an event or even to work is a difficult task, and it certainly doesn’t get any easier when attending a casino themed party or fundraiser. Many have asked what to wear, and even more have asked what not to wear.

Fortunately, I’m here to guide you so that you can place your bets in style – and avoid anyone pointing staring or even giggling behind your poorly dressed back. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular casino parties, and what you’re expected to wear or stay away from with each.

Corporate Casino Parties

If you’ve been invited to a corporate casino party, then you’ll finally have an excuse to break out your fancy attire and bedazzle all those attending. The dress codes at these kinds of events generally range from business casual to business, though I would always suggest going for business to avoid being even slightly under dressed.

In short, what you would normally wear on a casual Friday is okay, but going a little dressier does bring a sense of professionalism that could very well win you that hand in poker.

Black Tie Casino Fundraisers

A popular theme for fundraisers, casino parties often get people in the mood for spending. However, unlike when playing at Canadian mobile casinos you will have to get fairly dressed up.

When attending a black tie casino fundraiser, dressing to the nines is expected and dressing to dazzle is encouraged, which means no sandals, shorts or t-shirts. Men, whip out your best tuxedo and women, bring out your best dress and jewellery.

Mardi Gras Casino Parties

Mardi Gras has to be one of the most festive events the world has ever seen, with people losing their inhibitions every February. This is exactly why so many people choose it as a theme for their casino party.

Here, you can have a little fun with your outfit, and I certainly wouldn’t suggest wearing a suit. The best thing to wear to a Mardi Gras themed casino party is, of course, beads as well as mask and anything green and purple.

Monte Carlo Casino Parties

In case you haven’t seen a James Bond film, a Monte Carlo casino party is one for high rollers – or at least those that dress like high rollers. When attending one of these opulent parties, you’ll need to dress the part and stay away from anything casual.

This ultimately means that the dress code is similar to that of a black tie casino party, but you can add a little bit more glamour. That means tailored suits that boast cuff links and some dazzling, sparkly gowns that look as though they’re fit for royalty.

Queen of Hearts Casino Parties

The Queen of Hearts theme comes from the ever-popular Alice in Wonderland, with the character leading a horde of playing cards.

These are the parties that have blackjack or poker as the centrepiece, with guests dressing up like Alice in Wonderland characters or simply in red, black and white.