Top 70’s Casino Party Ideas

Great 70’s Casino Party Ideas

Having a 70’s themed casino party is a great way to make the party much groovier. Most people would make the mistake of thinking a 60’s and 70’s themed party are two different things but much of the 60’s fashion sense can still be applied to the 70’s.

Let’s will look at a few 70’s centred casino party themes and then we will look at clothes and accessories that will work perfectly for both men and women when dressing for the party.

A Charlie’s Angels Theme

A huge hit show at the time, Charlie’s Angles placed a group of women in the lead as tough cops who took no nonsense. This theme may be a bit limited as there were only three main characters in the show but it would give your party goers a more clear direction to go with their outfits. Like blackjack rules, the chracter choice is set, and the startegy to follow simple!

People can still use their own ideas in their costumes but the crime fighting angle of the show will help give the party a sexy yet dangerous edge.

A Classic Go-Go Girl Theme

The image of the Go-go girl is ingrained in many people’s image of the 70’s. These funky and sexy girls would dress in crazy, eye catching fashions while they disco the night away. This theme may be a bit more challenging for party goers.

This should be taken into consideration when your friends aren’t the most out of the box thinkers. It is a great theme to decorate for however as you can go wild with bright colours and off the wall creativity.

Saturday Night Fever Disco Theme

The prefect theme for a 70’s casino party is of course based on the famous film starring John Travolta. This theme is great as it can combine the above two themes into one.

This theme not only will help you pick the music for the party but it also gives your guests the most freedom with their costume choices.

Notable Accessories

Polyester and Afros were everywhere in the 70’s and today much of the necessary clothes and accessories are still available. This is especially true with the advent of online specialty stores. They make putting together a 70’s style outfit so simple. That said most people can still put together a great, authentic look with items around their homes or borrowed from friends. It is especially handy to visit a local thrift shop which may either have old outfits or store bought accessories that can help complete your look.

Beads and chokers, colourful scarves, peace symbol earrings and necklaces are must have items to wear. Funky, colourful sunglasses also help to round out any costume. Canvas shoes with long socks, knee high boots and of course the classic platform shoes are all key elements to look the part at a casino themed party.

For hair, many people opt for wigs to match the outlandish styles of the 70’s. Mullets, Afros, Long hair and beards are an essential part of your look. Men cal also opt for sideburns while women just need to Google Farah Fawcett to get hairstyle ideas appropriate for the time. A 70’s themed casino party is a great combination of fun gaming and outlandish fashion that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Throwing A Macau Inspired Casino Night

Throwing A Macau Inspired Casino Night

To make your casino party night memorable, why not drop the tired and common casino themes and embrace something exotic. By basing your party on the gambling Mecca of Macau, you will offer your guest an unforgettable experience.

Let’s look at a few handy guidelines to make your casino night a sure-fire success and to see all your guest have a outstanding evening of casino gaming and experiencing new cultures.

Picking The Games

Having the right games at a Macau themed party is naturally essential. As host you have one of two difficult choices, either you keep the games familiar so that everyone can play games right out the gate, or you can introduce some games more popular in Macau.

The downside to picking appropriate games is that if everyone aren’t familiar with the rules it may cause some issues. Games like Sic Bo, Fan Tan and Baccarat are classic Macau experiences and not too difficult or unfamiliar to people.

That said, if you go to Macau you won’t find any shortage of western casino games as they host all casino games, not just a handful of exclusively Asian games, so technically you can’t really go wrong with your game selection.

Using Casino Chips

This may be a no brainer but having casino chips is essential to getting the mood right for a casino themed party. If there is a China Town or Chinese shop near you check if they have Casino chips with authentic designs on them. These would do half the work for you in having your guests feel like they are at genuine Macau Casino.

It is also an excellent idea to offer some kind of prize for your friends for the player with the biggest chip stack. This can range from a trophy to gift card or even a donation to charity in their name. As long as you have something. It would help drive a great atmosphere amongst players and give you guys something to talk about and something for the winner to brag about.

Feeding Your Gamblers

Food is a tough one at a Macau themed Casino night. Here it is easier to decide if there are snacks before or after the games as keeping to an authentic and traditional Macau style menu can become a sticky affair.

You can opt to have some dry snacks on the tables during games or you can have a buffet style table and just ask your guest to stay away from the games. The most important thing to remember is to include enough cutlery and cleanup gear to keep your guest’s hands clean. It is definitely not as hassle free as playing real money online slots Canada.

Setting The Atmosphere

While it is simple to find a music stream on YouTube that would perfectly suit the mood of a Macau Casino, getting the decorations right is a whole other matter. In general red, black, gold and white work great for a Macau themed Casino party. You want to go for elegance not gaudy so avoid Asian clichés that could ruin the mood.

If you aren’t great at interior designer, like me, then a quick Google search will help inspire you as to the various possibilities out there to capture a Macau vibe, no matter what your budget. Even though there is an Asian theme to the Macau casino party, it doesn’t mean you need to have dragons and paper lanterns as display elements.

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