A Glitzy Affair: James Bond Themed Party

James Bond has tantalised audiences for decades: men want to be him, and women want to be with him! It should therefore come as no surprise that the James Bond themed party is one of the most popular themes for all manner of occasions, and with a little bit of imagination you can make your guests feel like VIPs for the night.

If there was ever a time to go over the top with a theme, a James Bond themed party allows you to break all the rules and throw glitz and glam at every corner

For Your Eyes Only: The Invitations

The invitation is where you are able to first grab your guest’s attention, so be sure to create an invitation that makes the theme clear and is sure to get them excited. There are so many aptly named James Bond films to announce a themed party of this kind, so feel free to get creative! If you really want to ramp up the excitement, be sure to get your guests to dress up – we are thinking black tie and shimmery cocktail dresses.

Must-Have Casino Games to Wow Guests

A James Bond casino theme would not be complete without casino games! Depending on your budget and the size constraints of your venue, you can either hire casino tables, or you can buy printed tablecloths which replicate the printed green felt of a real casino table. Baccarat and craps are notable Bond favourites, but roulette and poker are also fun choices. Be sure to practise your skills ahead of time with best roulette games games to ensure the best chance of offering your guests a fun-filled night.

Create an Atmosphere of Drama and Glamour

The James Bond films are nothing if not dramatic and steeped in glamour, and your party should reflect just that. The theme of your party should be obvious as soon as the guests walk through the door. You could play Bond film soundtracks throughout the night, but you could always go all out and hire a string quartet to play Bond theme tunes for the first hour of the evening, as your guests are arriving. If your good with tech, you could also project old school Bond films onto a white backdrop or projector screen to add another level of authenticity.

James Bond Décor to Instil Grandeur

Hiring a venue for a Bond themed party is always going to be first choice, as the blank canvas of a near empty room is a great starting point to build from, but of course not everyone’s budget allows for such lavishness. However, if you are hiring a venue, consider having a red carpet leading the guests to the entrance, and be sure to create dramatic centrepieces for each table. The combination of black with gold or silver always adds a classy touch, so be sure to hire tableware that suits the theme.

Shaken, Not Stirred: Food and Drinks

Anyone familiar with the James Bond character will know that he likes his martinis shaken, not stirred, and it would be a shame to not serve martinis at a Bond themed party! Consider hiring a mobile bar service or a professional barman to run the beverage service for the evening, and when considering the food, remember that James Bond prefers the finer things in life. Think canapes, caviar, and champagne served in crystal glasses.

Your guests are sure to have a night to remember!