Ideas for All Ages

Some Casino Party Ideas for All Ages

We all love attending casino-themed parties. The ambience, the music, the games, there’s a lot to love about them, and throwing one at home is even better. Not many people can resist coming over for an evening to try different casino games and food, and it remains as one of the most popular themes for all manner of party events.

The biggest problem with casino parties is that there tends to be a niche for them, namely in the ages of the people that want to attend them. These tend to be people within the working age, and while throwing a party for people of the same age is always fun, there’s just as much fun to be found in designing an event for other ages. Whether it’s for the local retirement home or for your elderly friends, or even for a group of children, a casino-themed party is perfect for all ages, and makes for plenty of entertainment no matter who attends.

If you’ve been playing betting NZ and want to throw your own casino party at home for your kids of your parents and their friends, these ideas and tips can help you get started.

Casinos Parties For Kids

While we don’t often associate casinos with children due to the age limitations of gambling and some of the negative connotations linked with casinos, they can still make a fantastic theme for your party, and one that should go down well with the kids. The games are where this really shines, and the best way to keep everyone enthralled for hours at a time. It’s also a good way to introduce children to card games, allowing them to keep themselves and their friends entertained for years to come.

While it’s recommended to avoid the traditional games like poker and craps, there are plenty of kid-friendly substitutes that will go down better with your guests. Games like Go Fish, Slapjack, Crazy Eights, and Concentration are good choices, and are all easy to learn and play. Food can be simple, and some casino-inspired dessert won’t go amiss.

Casinos Parties For The Elderly

On the other end of the spectrum we have the golden oldies, and for many in this generation, a casino isn’t a loud, bright room full of machines, but an elegant hall with plenty of table and card games, and a focus on socialising. This is also the perfect opportunity to get dressed up in suits and dress, clothing that would be more appropriate for an older generation of players.

Classic foods are a must, like shrimp rolls, and, of course, a variety of famous casino drinks. Having a small bar might be a big hit, allowing your guests to try some of the drinks they’d remember from their youth, while also playing a game of poker or blackjack to keep them entertained. Some cigars for the men might be in order, and getting some gear like poker tables, and plenty of chairs and places to relax is a must.