Top Snacks For Poker Nights

Poker Playing – Hard Work Mentally And Physically

Playing poker isn’t as easy as you may think it is, especially if you are playing at even a semi-professional level. If you want to play at your best, you need to feed your body properly to keep up both your mental and physical stamina. Here we have a list of some handy foods that can help to improve your game, both at home and at the tournament. Just be aware that some games do not allow food or drink near the table, so make sure that you know the rules before you take a chomp out of that sandwich.

Pretzel Sticks

These are a great one to nosh on at the table if you are allowed to eat. Keep a bowl full of these salty snacks on hand to not only keep your mouth busy but also add essential salt to your diet. Salt is one of the electrolytes that the body needs to keep performing at its peak.

Carrots and Celery

For those who want something a bit less on the carb side of things, have a bowl of carrots and celery sticks on hand. You can add some low-fat mayo or a light salad dressing as a dipping sauce but don’t let any of that get on to your cards. These snacks are also great for when you play the has to offer, as you can munch as the wheel spins.

Dried Beef

Dried beef or other meats have a different name all over the world. In America its called jerky, South Africans call it Biltong, but whatever you name it, it is a great table snack. Different flavours allow you to mix it up a bit, and if you are really adventurous go for some which is made from unusual sources. Protein is another essential for your body to operate at maximum efficiency, so keep pumping that protein.

Nuts and Salads

Ok, so salads can’t really be eaten at the table, but taking a quick break between games can allow you to gobble down a bowl of nutritious rabbit food on the go. Yes, I hear you say that you are not wildly fond of leafy greens, but you can always spice them up with a hand full of nuts or other additives. Nuts are a great brain superfood and will help you with endurance when it comes to those long nights where you play game after game. Add some chicken for a protein boost and up the tomatoes for vitamin C.

Cheese and Crackers

This is one for those at-home poker players; do not try to set up a little dish at a brick and mortar casino! Cheese and crackers can be topped with not only different types of cheese but also other add-ons such as cocktail tomatoes, smoked salmon, and even cucumber. These are easy to eat and provide quite a lot of nutrients to keep you full and going strong while you play.

A Last Note

On a last note, I feel I must mention the hydration part of the story. Drink lots of water, but bear in mind that more water = more toilet breaks. Try to stay off the alcohol though, as many a player has lost a game or tournament due to bad decisions brought on by too much booze.